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Ty12/1/18: Wedding Ocala, Fl

12/5/18: Jamaica Outreach Christmas Tea, Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Ch. in Naples FL 12/8/18: Ormond Memorial Museum and Gardens: Live Music Sound Journey in the Galleries with DeLuna 10am-12 noon.
Please join DeLuna in the galleries for a unique Sound Journey and explore listening to, appreciating and creating sound. During this
workshop, you’ll learn how sound can play a powerful part in the healing process by experiencing sound in a variety of ways. While surrounded by the museum’s current art exhibit, “Influenced by Sound”, the workshop will begin by enjoying the beautiful melodies of harp and flute music, interspersed with guided meditation. After some instruction you’ll then begin playing the harp, flutes, Tibetan bowls, and bells. DeLuna will guide you in learning to play in harmonies using these instruments. No experience required, just an open heart. Please bring a yoga mat or cushion; chairs will also be available.
This could be a helpful workshop for people with tinnitus (the perception of noise or ringing in the ears).
If you’d like to continue your sound journey at home, instruments and CD's will be available for purchase or order after the workshop.
Price $35 preregistration requested. 
12/13/18: Live harp music for an art class:
“The Art of Healing Workshop” with Kristen. The class is from 3-4:30, Ormond Memorial Museum and Gardens

12/20/18:Concert at the Beat Goes on Studio Englewood Fl.

12/23/18:9 amUnity of North Tampa morning services

12/23/18:Harbor Chase Senior Living, Sarasota at 4 pm

12/24/18:All Angels by the Sea, Lido Beach Fl. 6 pm Christmas Eve Service

12/26/18: Living the 12 Days of Christmas into Your Whole Year – Online Presentation - – email for more information

1/1/2019: “Live the Life You Love” online Vison Presentation – email for more information

1/19/19: Cassadaga It is a delight to be presenting the Vibrational Healing Journey – guided meditation with harp, bowls and more. on January 19th I hope you can come.

1/25/19:Ormond Memorial Museum and Gardens playing for women of a different cloth art reception.e your paragraph here.