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Guided Meditations and Meditation Concerts

with De Luna

Available for your Wedding, Special Events, Healing Music and new - Life Coaching. 

Virginia Lyder wrote: I had a wonderful experience yesterday ~ De Luna's Evening of Sacred Sound was sheer beauty ~ her voice, her music, the seamlessness of the evening ~ words are too simple to truly express the love and gifts De Luna shares! This is true medicine for our world. If you have a chance to attend her next session, grab it ~ embrace it! Such are the magical moments that bring peace to this world! Thank you so very much De Luna.

Many, many thanks to you De Luna. It was amazing, especially the first half hour. As I told you I had a vivid vision of the most realistic wings directly behind you. They were starting to unfurl and with my eyes closed, I watched them spread to full width. I could see each individual feather and was sure if I were able to reach out and touch them, it would confirm that they were real.
I also could feel myself (especially my heart chakra) vibrating at a very high frequency when you were near me with the singing bowl. I am not sure where I drifted off to after that, but when I opened my eyes at one point after that and looked you, it seemed as though your face was glowing!

Thank you again!
Love and Light

Guided Meditation/ Concerts.

Here is an offering - a "Musical Tapestry", weaving luminous threads of time and inspiration. A soundscape of the enchanting strings of the harp, the breath of love of life through flutes, and other celestial sounds on various instruments along with spoken messages from the muses.

Here are the first 3 mp3's of a guided meditation recorded live at a concert/meditation in my studio. 

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  • 1. Entering the Forest.mp39:17