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Support the whole health of your residents. De Luna is available for: 

1. Live Music Entertainment: Residents enjoy a trip down memory lane with old favorites played on harp and flutes. 

2. Aromatherapy programs,

Your residents can enjoy a delightful

and refreshing Spa Day like experience

with De Luna's Aromatherapy program,

where they can experience the sense

of smell and the memories that go

with particular aromas. as an

Aromatherapy Ambassador for patients

at Concord Hospital, NH  she witnessed powerful shifts in pain relief, anxiety, and general wellbeing. Your residents can now enjoy  De Luna's Aromatherapy Program. It is safe in that no oils are applied to the skin or ingested.  


​3. Guided Meditations.

Support the whole health of your residents

with these meditations.

Meditation can help your residents

keep a positive mindset as well as

nurture their whole being. De Luna's

soothing voice transports them to a rich inner life. 

4.Therapeutic Music for the end of life or those unable to attend group sessions,

De Luna is a Certified Music Practitioner and has years of experience playing therapeutic music bedside for those who are in pain, anxious and could benefit from relaxing and allowing. 

5. Remote Concerts and Meditations: Have access to De Luna's offerings remotely for your residents to enjoy over and over in the comfort of their own home. 

More to come soon. Now that we are opening up again and I have had the vaccines, I would love to come in and offer these programs for your residents.