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Concert offerings:

Virtual Concerts for Seniors living in Senior Living facilities.

A new concert available each month. 

Christmas Concerts:

                                Traditional popular songs.

                               Collection of Cantigas and Early Christmas

                                           Music and storytelling inspired

                                         by music from around the world.

The 12 Days of Christmas - a meditative concert with Spiritual Principles (Non-Denomination) for guiding toward the Light. 

Harp, Flutes and Bells


 “Old Favorites of the 1900’s on the Harp, Flute, and Recorder”.
We will visit some of your old favorite tunes and enjoy singing along if you like.
Some of the genres will include Tin Pan Alley, Show tunes, Swing, light Jazz, Elvis, Country, Beatles, John Denver, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and more.
Audience participation encouraged.
1 or 2-hour concert with intermission.

 “International Collection of Music on Harp, Flute, Recorder and Percussion”
Enjoy a beautiful collection of music from around the world. Some places that may be represented will be: Ireland, Wales, Scottish, Italian, Russian, English, US, Chinese, French, African, Greek, French Canadian, Indonesian, Spanish, Jamaica, Japan, and more.
Audience participation encouraged.
1 or 2-hour concert with intermission.

Original  Music By De Luna:

De Luna has written many songs as well she likes to do improvisations on the spot if you give her an intention. Her original music is inspired by many parts of the world and life journey.

1 or 2-hour concert with intermission.

 “A Mythical Journey with The Harp at the Helm” An inspired musical journey of the harp and flute through the ages.
De Luna is offering a musical tapestry, weaving luminous threads of time and inspiration. Come and join us as she plucks the enchanting strings of the Harp, breathes the music of life into the flutes, and adds the voice of her muses to her storytelling.
There will be some audience participation.
Series of 3 -2hour Concert with intermission.

 “Many Miracles Unfolding –My Life Through cancer”
One Woman Show, De Luna had an amazing journey through cancer!
Coming soon- the book- “Miracle after Miracle, My Journey Through cancer”.

If you or a loved one is facing cancer, De Luna is offering this opportunity for you to experience some light in the darkness that cancer can bring. The play will highlight and express in music, movement, words some of the mythical moments of her journey.
Today, De Luna is cancer-free and would love to inspire others with her journey from fear and distress to joy and love.
Some audience participation.
2-hour show, with intermission


Available for Festivals and Events