Science is proving how sound and music have the potential of healing energies.  

As a Certified Music Practitioner (through the Music For Healing and Transition Program known as MHTP) De Luna was certified in 2007. and had the joy and honor to share music with those in hospital and hospice situations, playing for people of all ages - from premature newborns to aging seniors. Bringing comfort to those who are suffering.  

Recently there has been an up-rise in babies born of addicted mothers. These babies seem to love the music and so often become very relaxed with the live music.

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A premature baby loving the music

"Healing Sound Sessions" Available REMOTELY!

Scientific evidence has proven that music has the capacity to have positive effects on people's health. 

Having witnessed countless people shift into healing De Luna is now offering one on one

"Healing Sound Sessions".

With  Guided Imagery, and Reiki.

Music that is created to help facilitate a journey to ones

"Inner Healing Temple" ‚Äč