"Healing Sound Sessions" Available REMOTELY!

Music has helped me with my healing as far back as I can remember.

I have witnessed countless people shift into healing as I have played live music and sound  for them.

I  offer private one on one "Healing Sound Sessions". In these, I incorporate Guided Imagery, Reiki, music that is created to help facilitated a journey to ones

"Inner Healing Temple"

or email for more information and an appointment.

I am a Certified Music Practitioner (through the Music For Healing and Transition Program)

 I was certified in 2007. Since then I have had the joy and honor to share my music for those in hospital and hospice situations, playing for people of all ages - from premature newborns to aging seniors. I love to bring comfort to those who are suffering  and am so grateful that I have the tools and ability to make a  difference.

Recently there has been an up-rise in babies born of addicted mothers. I have had the joy of working with these babies. They are amazing and I love to see how they can become so relaxed with the live music.

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A premature baby loving the music