Another reason I am so excited about this new service is that it incorporates many of my life skills:

 I am Tech-savy so I can enhance my programs with the following services:

Musician: my main instrument is the harp. I also play flutes and other assorted instruments as well I am a storyteller.

Therapeutic Musician: my music has helped hundreds and hundreds of people; it will be perfect for any resident who is under the weather as well as the end of life. (a special program for that)

Life Coach/ Inspirational Speaker: I love to put some inspirational, encouraging messages in my program (non-Denominational)

Artist comes in handy for creating the videos.

And Most important: putting together these skills, gives me the opportunity to bring my talents to your residents to enjoy, particularly in these challenging days of overwhelm, depression, and separations, bringing interest, love, entertainment, education, music, and inspiration (Non-Denomination)Type your
paragraph here.

Monthly Videos on this subscription:

One less thing for you to plan, with your subscription you will receive the link for the monthly 1-hour video in your inbox the first of the month or before. 
Your residents can enjoy unlimited views of a personable, fun and engaging remote program with a much loved familiar song collection for the month on harp, flutes, and more. 

*Play for a group in a community room with a TV – connected to YouTube.
*Residents can also enjoy in their own room if they have a gadget and Wi-Fi.
*Use if a resident is having anxiety or sundowning.
*Unlimited viewing of each video within 1 facility or household. 
*Different unique program every month.
*Each month a person, place, event, or topic of interest will be featured to add to the educational value of the time that your residents spend with my videos

Residents often enjoy it when I have an educational element in my programs. Here is an example of the one I did in November. "Tribute to Jerrie Mock." 

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No more concerns about taking time out of your busy schedule to figure out your entertainment schedule.

This will be there at your fingertips, anytime you want

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Take advantage of the low rate as well bringing this loving program to your residents.

                Sign on now so that your residents can enjoy taking a trip down memory lane and

singing along to a collection of familiar songs.

  Thank you so much for taking the time to review 

I appreciate your feedback as well as your questions and ideas on the

development and support of this program.

Thank you and your staff for continuing to serve our Senior Population through this crisis.

May my efforts help to lighten your path.

In Gratitude,

De Luna

Entertainment for Seniors

Music Practitioner

Transformational Coach/ Inspirational Speaker

941 544 7756

One Month Access to Video $99

Special introductory offer for Remote Service:

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For free sample video  questions, comments please fill in box below. 

A bit about me: Through the last 20 years I have found playing music for seniors to be a rewarding experience. I love to share my love of music, the old popular songs and instruments that I play, as well as bringing with me a sense of deep love, my mission has been to offer each one in the audience a sense that I was there just to see them. My service has brought countless smiles and moments of happiness and joy to seniors through the Eastern US. Please share the sample video with your residents and see how they like it.

I am incredibly grateful and honored for the opportunity to have been able to bring witness the joy, love, and healing in people while I played for them.I play the harp, flutes, storytelling and more. I am also a Certified Therapeutic Musician, as an independent contractor I have worked at hospitals, senior facilities, Hospice and moreType your paragraph here.

Loving Music With De Luna

De Luna is available again to play Live in persona as well as remote

Music/Entertainment /Educational program

3 Month Subscription - One time payment $133

Your residents can safely enjoy
“Loving Music with DeLuna”
An hour-long - Live (De Luna has been vaccinated) 

or Remote Musical Entertainment Concert by De Luna
Featuring: harp, flutes, percussion, singing,
storytelling, expressions of love,
educational component and more.

They will have the opportunity to be lovingly entertained,
engaged and educated,
all of which support improved wellbeing, health,
enrichment, and connection.
Youtube link will be delivered to your inbox on the
 first of the month,
to use for the month – unlimited viewing
on unlimited gadgets within one facility.

 Over the past 20 years of playing for Senior Living Facilities and hospitals, I have witnessed an awakening effect when the residents of patients hear their much-loved songs. They get that twinkle in their eyes, they look younger and start to move their bodies as if they are many years younger. 

Research has proven the power of music. It is known to be effective in helping with stress anxiety, depression, and even cognitive function. With music, you may find your residents are in better moods and easier to care for, which would also help your employees get their jobs done in a much easier and effective manner.

The power of the use of music in Senior living facilities cannot go underestimated, Music is stored in a part of the brain that often does not get severed by Alzheimer’s giving the listener a sense of connection to themselves and their life experiences.

3 Month Subscription - 3 monthly payments of $49