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Essential Oils were a great help for me during my journey with cancer. more information to come. For now you can access a high quality Essential OilClick right here. 

Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer?

Now What? 

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and would like support navigating through the journey?  In my coaching service I offer help in navigating through the journey, help you deal with fears, create a healing and recovery plan, prepare for surgery, realize your support system and more.  I can share with you the many things that I found helpful on my journey. Things that brought me from fear and anxiety to a place of deep healing, peace, joy,

self respect and love of life.

​ In 2014,  I was diagnosed with cancer. 
The journey I was about to go on is one of Inspiration, health, miracles, love of life,  joy, peace of  mind and gratitude. 
It is through this journey and all that I learned and realized, that I was inspired to support others in their healing journey. Helping people to  fulfill a life of  love, joy and contentment.

 i am deeply grateful for having gone through the journey. 

 I am not a medical doctor and I will not try to sway you in your choices of treatments. My coaching is not  to be used instead of medical treatment. I am here to support you through your choices. 

As a bonus: 

I will also provide you with relaxation harp music and guided meditations and relaxing and inspiring  videos.  .

You don't have to do it alone.

 Group and One on One coaching available. 

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