I always loved playing instruments, mostly flute and percussion, and obscure type instruments like the Bowed Psaltery. I considered myself a closet musician because at the time I would only play when I was alone.

Then when I was gifted a harp by a parting friend, I started to play and was totally mesmerized. Each note brought enchantment, I loved it so, I took it everywhere with me. I mean everywhere! After about 5 years and more than 10,000 hours, I decided to take it out to play at a local nursing home. I asked to play for those who were so ill that could not leave their beds. I took my harp, flutes and bells. Witnessing the difference that it made, inspired me to continue to explore and develop my understanding of sound as a tool to facilitate healing.

Around this time, people started hiring me for performances for all sorts of events: Concerts, Weddings, Special Events, Senior programs, School Programs, Restaurant Playing, Memorials, Hospitals and more. As I look back on it now, it is like watching a flower blossom. I am so grateful to be able to share what I love and earn my living as well.

I have been playing professionally since 1996 and I am so grateful to have created a beautiful collection of services for special occasions that honor the different phases of life.

De Luna: Healing through the Joy of Music
By Susanna Hargreaves
  De Luna is a: Certified music practitioner, artist, and accomplished musician, 

De Luna fell in love with the harp seventeen years ago when the man she loved gave her a harp as a parting gift.  “During this midlife transition, the harp and my music started to call me. Music always came from my soul and it is healing on so many levels,” De Luna smiled. De Luna has released five CDs, performs concerts to groups or individuals, teaches music and sells harps as well as performing for special events.

 In the heart of Hooksett is a genuine Renaissance woman named De Luna. In her music studio, De Luna surrounds herself with various unique instruments from the Renaissance era and from all over the world. De Luna plays the harp, recorder, flute, bowed psaltery, hammer dulcimer, percussion, bells, singing bowls and many other instruments. De Luna, a name inspired from her childhood mentor, said she moved to Hooksett five years ago after growing tired of her gypsy travels of playing concerts and performing in various fairs and festivals throughout the United States.  “This place just opened up for me, as if it were waiting for us. I love that I am close enough to the ocean and the mountains.  Hooksett is a very mellow and friendly place to live.”

 When asked about her music, it is easy to see De Luna is passionate about it, for her blue eyes shine and she smiles like someone who truly enjoys their work. She is very enthusiastic about playing, stopping in the middle of the interview to play a song or to show me an instrument, and even invited me to play. A natural educator and storyteller, she took the time to explain each instrument and it was easy to get lost in her fascinating musical world.

 De Luna, said she was born in Malta and moved to America when she was ten years old with her parents and sister. Her father was a British Navy Officer and her mother was from Malta. During her childhood travels, De Luna discovered that art and music were her passions. “During my youth, the art room was the place that made the most sense to me,” she said.   De Luna further shared how she was able to use her creative talents and imagination to be a painter, fine artist, textile designer and freelance artist.  She also branched out to design jewelry and clothes. She said being an artist made it possible for her to be home to raise her son who has since grown and has three children.  Then, when De Luna turned 40, her life became all about music.

 A self taught Batik artist, painter and musician; De Luna said she fell in love with the harp after breaking up from a relationship.  The man she loved gave her a harp as a parting gift.  According to De Luna, with a broken heart, she packed her belongings and drove to see a friend in Virginia. “My friend had a little place tucked between two mountain tops with a creek across the street.  I thought to myself, I can really create here, so I unpacked my car and started playing the harp.  I couldn’t put it down. It entranced me.  The sound of the vibrations brought solace to my soul that I had never found before, and it was so healing for me.  During that period of time, the harp and my music really started to talk to me and it was a real comfort.”

 According to De Luna, she always had a musical heart and creative imagination. “The birds taught me,” she laughingly shared, but really she is self taught and believes it comes from within her soul.  De Luna said she enjoys encouraging people interested in music and telling stories through the art of music. “I don’t need to speak because the music does it for me.”

Now a certified music practitioner, De Luna plays the harp to help promote wellness and healing. She performs in hospitals and nursing homes during various stages of life.  De Luna said the experience of playing the harp for individuals in hospice has been especially powerful because music helps provide healing on so many levels and brings joy during a very difficult time.  “There are so many therapeutic benefits to it. The vibrations of the harp are totally harmonious.  By offering the sounds and harmony of the harp, their bodies absorb it and it brings harmony to their whole body, so during their transition they can leave harmoniously.  With the help of the music, they feel more support and less pain,” De Luna said.  “It is meaningful to help bring joy to someone who is in the middle of suffering and to be a part of their journey.”

 De Luna plays the harp most Wednesdays at CMC in Manchester and Thursdays at Concord Hospital. She has a broad repertoire of music which includes soulful Early Music, Renaissance Music, World Folk, Holiday Music, Classical music, popular music from the 1900-2000’s and many romantic ballads.  She also writes her own music and is currently working on a cd toward the inspiration of healing and joy.

 De Luna is also available for corporate Wellness Programs, which she feels offer employees an opportunity to reduce stress in the work place.

 Along with her concerts, De Luna teaches individuals of all ages and abilities.  “I love playing myself, but I love empowering other people to play even more.  I would like to convey how the harp sounds beautiful at whatever level you play it, so it is a very encouraging instrument. You also get to enjoy the beautiful vibrations while you play.”

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