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Music For Healing and Meditation

The healing sounds of the harp, flute,

and singing bowl can fill your heart

and can be tools to help you raise

your vibration. Healing Harp, transformational coaching

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Available for your Wedding, Special Events, harp music.

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Welcome! My Mission is to bring peace at this much-needed time.

On my webpage, I offer Harp music for special occasions, Healing Harp Music & Sound

as well as Transformational Coaching 

It is such a joy to share the gift of music harp music and transformational coaching

 transformational coaching

Healing Harp

Flutes:  a wonderful collection that includes a Silver Flute, & Native American Style Flutes.
Bowed Psaltery,

Recorders: Sopranino, Soprano and Alto
Percussion: Luna Bell, Bells, and drums
Singing Bowls: Tibetan Bowls and Bells
Melodica and Keyboard.
With a Boss R300, I can enjoy some fun and interesting "Sounds-Scapes" as well as One Woman Band. 

Contact for more information: I am so grateful to be of service, sharing the amazing sounds of the harp. I love it for its elegance, versatility,  gentleness, healing qualities, and, so much more. It is an honor to be of service, in what, I  consider to be my "Life Purpose".

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 Gift cards and special packages are available and make excellent gifts for

friends and family! harp music transformational coaching Healing Harp

​​Having a

Special Event? 

Or want to create  a beutiful ambiance at your Restaurant?  

De Luna has a vast repertoire

 to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

Repertoire form Popular music through the ages, Light Jazz, World including Celtid, Country, Seasonal, R&B

Originals and more.   

    Welcome to the music of 

 De Luna

Exquisite Music  on harp & flutes


all occasions.

& Transformational Coaching


Five-Star Harpist on GigSalad
One of the most outstanding members of The Bash for 2021!

Do you want to learn how to

play the harp?

I offer private lessons either in person or on ZOOM. contact me for more information. harp music Healing Harp Learning anything requires an open mind and heart, it also requires feeling comfortable with the teacher. I offer a respecting nonjudgemental environment, with love and compassion for my student's learning abilities. And am here to be on the side of their enjoyment and growth.

Getting Married?

 Harp music is so romantic, If you enjoy harp music you are at the right place. Welcome! I have played for hundreds of weddings and can help you create the soundtrack for your special day. Each wedding I play

for is individually crafted to represent the taste and personalities of the couple being married and their families so that everyone feels honored. I am also available for Spiritual transformational coaching to support you in unconditional love for each other and yourselves, as well as bringing your true selves forward into your union so that you join your energies, skills,

and gifts together. So that you are empowered to be

a presence of light for your family and the world. 

One of the most outstanding GigMasters members for 2017!

One of the most outstanding GigMasters members for 2016!

Beautiful Harp Music for your next event.