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De Luna


It is such a joy to share my gift of music.

Harp is my main instrument,and I also enjoy playing: 

Flutes: I have a wonderful collection which includes a Silver Flute, several Native American Style Flutes.

Bowed Psaltery


Sopranino, Soprano and Alto


Luna Bell, Bells and drums

Singing Bowls: Tibetan and Crystal.

Melodica and Keyboard.

With my Boss R300 I can create some fun and interesting "Sounds-Scapes" as well as One Woman Band. 

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Do you want to learn how to

play the harp?

I offer private lessons either in person or on Skype.

Getting Married?

 Harp music is so romantic, I have played for hundreds of weddings and can help you create the sound track for your special day..

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De Luna

Beautiful Harp music for your special occasion


I am so grateful to be of service, sharing the amazing sounds of the harp. I love it for its elegance, versatility,  gentleness, healing qualities, and, so much more. It is an honor to be of service, in what, I  consider to be my "Life Purpose".

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Having a

Special Event?   

I can add a wonderful ambiance and offer a variety of music to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.