Are You……
Recently diagnosed or gone through a disease or physical challenge?
Read all the books, listened to all the masters but still find yourself living life that is not fulfilling?
Or just plain overwhelmed and stressed with life?
At a crossroad and ready to shift your life?
 I have some wonderful news to offer:
Having walked a journey with cancer myself 3 years ago, my life has shifted dramatically. It was the best thing that ever happened for me.
I kept a journal along the way and created a powerful program to help you through you challenges and help you transform your life

 This program is:
 "Awakening to Living and Loving Wholly"
Are you ready to choose? To choose a life of joy, love, gratitude, and peace?

"Awakening to  Living and Loving Wholly" Transformational Health Coaching by De Luna 

De Luna,

Life Coach,

Harp music,

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and Free Gift:

New!  Are you ready for a Transformation! 

Try Coaching  with

Certified  Dream Builder Coach - De Luna.

What you get:

1. 2- 90minute sessions on Zoom with myself and the community who is subscribed.
2. Record and send replays.
Private Facebook page, be part of a Mastermind Group for communication with myself and others in the group.
3. Access to File Storage documents and guided meditations.
4. Not included in the price, but an added option of Live VIP get together will be available at some point during the year.  More information will be provided as details become clear.


An online

Mastermind Group.

Mission statement:

To bring people the opportunity to have healing experiences which support them through and beyond their life processes. and enables them to live in Love, Joy, Gratitude and Peace.