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My work with Seniors. I love to go to Senior Centers, Independent Living  centers, Nursing homes and Alzheimer units

It brings me great joy to be of service bringing the delight  and love of harp and flute  music to your residents and guests. I love watch them light up and sing or hum along to their old favorites. 

My program is often interactive, I love hearing people singing and I will often bring in percussion to share - unless you want me to do a relaxing program for Alzheimer residents - in which case I play relaxing old familiar songs.

I also do programs in some retirement centers that are full of Classical and similar type of music, like Andrew Lloyd Webber.

I am also available for your "Special Events" 

Here are a few samples recorded live  from past performances:

I am also a Certified Therapeutic Musician, Trained to play bedside for special needs residents as well as for Palliative care and Hospice patients. The music  play for Therapeutic purposes has a very different quality. For more information on Therapeutic music and training, visit "Music for Healing and Transition Program" at:

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